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Tiffany is the kind of person you want to not just work with but learn from in a big way. Her interpersonal skills are off the charts, her intuition, smarts, leadership style and her deep dedication make her one of a kind. She listens not just what is being said, but more importantly, what is not and this makes her an excellent and respectful communicator. She is a systems thinker – carefully and quickly gets to the full picture and executes holistically.

~ Smeeta Hirani, Global Product Development, Amazon Web Services

Tiffany is an incredible facilitator! She recently led our team through a critical phase of updating our nonprofit vision and mission; her thoughtfulness, professionalism, communication skills, and preparation allowed us to be productive and turned an intense discussion into a pleasant experience. I highly recommend her as a facilitator to any organization; nonprofit, government, or business.

~ Laura Kutner, Executive Director, Trash for Peace

Tiffany has an amazing ability to make connections across cultures and borders, drawing people in that might otherwise be reticent to participate through her ability to listen.  She has shown many times that she can travel to new locations, research and build programming based on local culture and traditions, and develop lasting partnerships and connections.

~ Julia Hammond, Principal, Archetype Learning

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